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Becoming Certified Kosher

Information to help in your decision to become certified with Balkan Kosher ,

and to tools for a cost effective and smooth transition to kosher production.

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Benefits of Becoming Kosher Certified​


Industrial Sales

A kosher certified ingredient or product could very well make the difference between making or losing sales to another food processor or importer. Many companies maintain kosher certification because it makes their product more marketable. Many companies, processors, importers and distributors throughout Europe, the Balkans and Turkey are kosher certified and will buy only kosher certified raw materials and products for their own manufacturing and sales.

Business Sales

Areas that have strong Jewish/Israeli tourism are also markets for kosher foods. There has been a steadily growing Israeli tourism industry throughout the Balkan countries especially since Balkan Kosher has made kosher food more accessible to hotels and for catered events

Retail Sales and Exports

Not only Jewish people seek kosher products. In fact, in Russia and the USA, the majority of kosher products are consumed by non-Jews. There are many reasons for this, such as the desire for a certifiable pure product, reliable food allergy content, and vegetarian and vegan verification. For the large Muslim Halal market, kosher is permitted.

Countries with large Jewish populations have viable kosher markets. These countries are: Israel, USA, Mexico, Argentina, UK, France, Russia and Australia and more.

The Kosher marketplace is one more aspect of the food market. And in order to compete within that market, a food processor must obtain the services of a Kosher Food Consultation and Certification agency.

So..... What is Kosher?


Kosher (Kashrut) refers to the food laws and procedures of the Jewish people.

Its origins are the Five Books of Moses, as are most Jewish religious laws. 

The basic laws have remained unchanged for over three thousand years. Adaptation to cultural changes has always remained within the strict confines and spirit of the original mandates.

Advances in technology have also affected kosher food production. Although new methods  are introduced in food processing, their application to kashruth is strictly governed by the same unchanging principles. Expertise in kosher procedures and regulations can only be achieved through experience and knowledge. Click "What Makes Kosher" to learn more.